ATTENTION: Anyone who has ever felt overwhelmed by an ever growing ‘to do list’

Introducing The Revolutionary 'Mind Hacking' Method
To Beat Your Procrastination For GOOD
And Get More Things Done In Less Time

(And With A Clear Head)

Note: The method you’re about to learn can work extremely quickly

Hi there,

My name is Steven and I know this might sound totally unbelievable at first but I’m about to show you how you can use my revolutionary Mind Hacking method (a.k.a. The Halo Method) to operate at a high level of efficiency with a clear mind…

…You’ll quickly reduce your ‘to do’ list and get more things done in less time than you ever thought
possible. And what’s really great about that is you’ll soon be able to enjoy your free time ‘guilt free’. 

It doesn’t matter what your source of procrastination is right now... 

It could be… 

  • Items on your to-do list at work
  • Stuff that needs doing around the house or in your personal life
  • Bills that need paying
  • Starting (or sticking to) a new diet or exercise program
  • Organizing to catch up with someone you haven’t seen in a while
  • Or something else...

Even if you constantly struggle for motivation, or lack the energy you need to follow through, this WILL work for you, and is going to change your life for the better.

Imagine what it’s going to feel like when you feel completely ‘on top’ of things at work. No more procrastination on the important tasks… Imagine that confident, blissful feeling knowing that you can just use my Mind Hacking Method to quickly and efficiently make progress, while wholeheartedly enjoying your free time outside of work.

You could even use this method on things that are going on in your home life. Maybe there’s a course you always wished you’d taken up and never took action on, like learning a foreign language, or taking up a new exercise program… Or perhaps you have a large to-do list that you’d just love to see reduced to nothing.

Some people like to use this Halo Mind Hacking method as a RESET SWITCH to use once-in-a-while to clean up their lives, much like closing all the windows on your computer and giving it a reboot.

The great thing is that this Halo Mind hacking Method not only makes you feel more
energized, motivated and efficient…

You actually feel a sense of freedom, and an ability to enjoy your ‘play’ time in the moment, without stress, guilt and worry about your ever growing ‘to do’ list.

I realize this might sound too good to be true at first, that the halo mind hacks can work so well for ANYONE to beat procrastination…

Yet I assure you it is possible…

How do I know it works so well?

Because I used it myself and have also taught this method to hundreds of others who have used it to transform their lives, reduce to do lists and enjoy their free time guilt free…

And to show you the proof of how effective my halo mind hack will work for you, I need to tell you a story you can probably relate to:

 What I’m about to share with you is a very personal and embarrassing story from a time in my life where I was in desperate need to change my ways. I am only sharing this with you so you can see the TRUTH about this life-changing mind hacking method…

I couldn’t believe it, my life was falling down around me. I was on my last warning at work, one more and I was gone! This was now my third job in a row this had happened to me.

And what made it worse was my bills just kept piling up and if I lost my job I knew I would have to ask my parents for ANOTHER loan to see me through…

I was so embarrassed and beginning to feel like I wouldn’t amount to anything in life.

My wife was becoming more and more distant as the months went by.

I could almost feel the disappointment in her eyes when we spoke.

Most days she couldn’t even to look at me which made me feel like a total failure…

I knew I had to do something or risk losing everything…

You see I had a REALLY bad procrastination habit. So bad it was wrecking my life

I could never seem to get things done no matter how hard I tried or how long I spent on them.

There was always something else more enjoyable to be doing or far too many distractions to draw my attention away from what I was trying to achieve.

Even when I did get started I could never seem to get my jobs finished. It was overwhelming and it began to show when I started missing work deadlines.

Not to mention my house looked like a grenade had exploded with dozens of unfinished DIY projects cluttering up every room…

And many of them had been lying around for over a year…

All because of my procrastination.

I was lost, I had tried everything I could think off but nothing seemed to work …

I tried forcing myself to start on work my task list.

I asked my colleagues for help.

I even took online learning and concentration tests to see if I had a problem there but nope everything was normal, even slightly above...

..And what made it worse was that most of my friends and family just kept telling me

“It’s easy just stop procrastinating and get it done, you're just being lazy”.

And as a procrastinator you probably already know that this is not true.

My older brother seemed to be excelling at life so it wasn’t a parenting issue. I presumed it was just bad habits I had picked up somewhere along the way.

It seemed everyone else around me was moving on with their lives, getting high paying jobs, buying houses, starting families and I was just stuck in a lonely cycle of procrastination.

Nothing was working and the so called “overnight solutions” to stop procrastinating were of no help at all.

The only other idea I had was to spend over $150 an hour and go see a psychologist… But with money tight I realized that wasn’t an option for me. Especially because there was no guarantee it would actually work for me… So I made it my mission that I would do everything in my power to beat procrastination for good.

I spent hours and hours every night after work researching what exactly procrastination is, what causes it and how to put a stop to it WITHOUT all these gimmicks you see out there.

The problem I came across was that these so called gurus cures only tended to work for a short period of time or sometimes not at all. Plus, they all seemed like a lot of work.

There had to be a more effective way… So I kept researching and one afternoon while reading an article on efficiency in the wall street journal it suddenly all clicked…

I felt a tingle rush up my spine… I knew I had uncovered something no one else was teaching…

It was as if everything suddenly made sense and I knew exactly what I needed to do.

I had discovered the missing link to a procrastination free life

Something I now call the HALO METHOD…
And I call it that because it’s made up of three HALOS containing powerful, unique mind hacks that detail EXACTLY what to do in any procrastination situation…

 …The Halo Method gives you the tools to beat your procrastination ONCE & FOR ALL…(without willpower or hard work)

 So, with the method in hand, I eagerly started testing out these mind hacks in my day to day life…

And I was completely shocked at what happened.

When I felt my procrastinating set in, I would apply the mind hacks and suddenly everything began to change.

Almost instantly I was transformed into a productivity machine where I not only started to get things done I actually enjoyed doing them…

I was FINALLY able to finish those projects I had been putting off for months and even years.

After using the Halo Method all of a sudden my life improved more than I could ever have imagined.

I could socialize with my friends without that horrible guilty feeling in the pit of my stomach that I still had never ending to do list.

Now I would wake up in the mornings feeling energized, motivated and knowing 100% that I would be able achieve everything I set out to do.

And the thing that surprised me most was I actually enjoyed going through my task list and ticking things off…

And every time I completed a task I felt my confidence skyrocket.

For the first time I would actually feel FREE when I went out with my friends… And I could finally enjoy the moment without thinking about a task list the size of my arm dragging me down…

And the best part, only 4 months after applying my halo mind hacks I was voted onto the senior management team of a distinguished university.

Even friends of mine who knew me as the procrastination king noticed the massive change in me and actually began coming to me with their procrastination problems!!

Of course I was happy to help them.

So I shared it with a friend of mind James. James mentioned that he just couldn’t seem to get started on his projects and was worried he would start to fall behind.

I suggested he try one of my mind hacks called The Starting Line...

And in just 3 days he was amazed that by using this one mind hack he found it so much easier to get started and finish any project or task no matter what the size.

And then there was my work colleague Sam.

Sam was faced with an overwhelming and difficult project at work. She would just put it because she didn’t know how to tackle it. She was feeling increasingly anxious as the deadline approached…

Using my ‘Divide & Conquer’ mind hack she quickly discovered how to approach these large complicated tasks and now can confidently take them on, no matter the size. She even impressed her manager to the point she earned a huge promotion.

The results completely blew my expectations out of the water…

It was as though all the people who used my halo method gained some type of magical power to get stuff done.

All the fear, frustration and doubt that had held them back before had quickly vanished.

They were now replaced by focused energy, inner drive and motivation.

And a willingness to tackle anything life threw at them.

And today you can do the same and all because of my powerful procrastination killer halo mind hacks.

Can you imagine what it’s going to feel like when you can confidently take on any job because you know that your procrastination will NOT be a problem/will not hold you back…

And imagine how easy it will be now you can get ANY job done well before the deadline (Leaving you time to enjoy the things you love to do guilt free) without having that nagging feeling in the pit of your stomach.

I continued to test my halo mind hacks out and hearing all of the amazing success stories from men and women just like you.

I kept refining the formula, and each time the simple mind hacks became more powerful and more effective… 

And today I am so excited to introduce you to the only method of its kind that gives ANYONE the power to overcome procrastination for good…

A method I call:

The Procrastination Fix

The Revolutionary 'Mind Hacking' Method To Getting More Things Done (And In LESS Time)

The Procrastination Fix is the FIRST mind hacking method that quickly and systematically awakens your natural, inborn productivity abilities you have always had but somehow lost along the way..

And to make it simple to use I gave each one of these mind hacks its own unique name, so I could quickly and easily remember what I needed to do when I started to find myself procrastinating or just not getting things done. And it will do the same for you.

I have done all the work so you don’t have to.

Here’s a little taster on what each of these mind hacks will do for YOU:

1. The ‘Divide & Conquer’ Mind Hack

Have you ever been faced with a daunting, overwhelming task which you just don’t know what to with?

With the SUPER SIMPLE ‘Divide and Conquer’ mind hack you will have the POWER to tackle any size task no matter how complex.

2. The ‘Three Buckets’ Mind Hack

If you want to learn how create HIGHLY effective ‘to-do’ lists, then you MUST use my 'Three Buckets' mind hack to organize your life, guaranteed. (This is the KEY to discovering the secrets to ‘to-do’ lists that work! Miss this one thing and you may well miss your chance to learn how to put a stop to your procrastination forever!)

3. The ‘Starting Line’ Mind Hack

You will learn how to use the ‘Starting Line’ mind hack to figure out EXACTLY how to make a start on ANY job automatically!

It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3.

Just imagine the CONFIDENCE you will have when tackling a new project knowing you poses the SECRET to getting things underway.

4. The ‘Perfectionist’ Mind Hack

Have you ever put off finishing something because you just don’t think it’s good enough?

You’ll be able to use my proven ‘Perfectionist’ mind hack to INSTANTLY overcome this and guarantee you’ll feel a sense of achievement with the end result.

5. The ‘15 Minutes’ Mind Hack

You’re going to discover the ‘15 Minutes’ mind hack SECRET that tricks your brain into making a start on those jobs you just don’t want to do.

The first time you see this mind hack in action you will be SHOCKED in a good way
because you will see how by just dedicating 15 minutes to a job makes all the difference.

6. The ‘Carrot’ Mind Hack

This is absolutely BRILLIANT, and almost unbelievable, but when you use the ‘Carrot’ mind hack you’ll be able to see any job through to the end even if you’re in a slump and can’t find the motivation to complete it.

7. The ‘Zen’ Mind Hack

Discover the deadly mistake that most procrastinators make when trying to stop procrastinating. It will shock you!

But don’t worry because you’ll get to use the ‘Zen’ mind hack to quickly and effectively deal with those times when you just can’t seem to focus on getting things done.

8. The ‘Under Pressure’ Mind Hack

I’ll show you how to use the super simple 'Under Pressure' mind hack that teaches you how you can use others around you to beat your procrastination with little effort on your part!  

This mind hack is so ridiculously powerful it works even if you have never been able to see things through to the end.

And so much more than I could list out here…

Can You Imagine How Your Life Is Going To CHANGE When You Get Your Hands On This Method..?

Imagine how AMAZING it will feel to not just THINK like a productivity genius… But to actually BE a productivity genius?

Are you ready to experience that blissful satisfying feeling knowing that you can just use my mind hacking Method to quickly and efficiently reduce your to do list...

So you finally have the freedom to focus on the things you love to do (guilt free).

With this in mind, let me ask you…

How much is it worth to you to have this ABILITY for yourself?

How much is it worth to you to the procrastination anxiety behind FOREVER, and have MORE time on your hands to live however YOU want to live?

How much is it worth to you to be able to say you are FREE from the burden of procrastination FOR GOOD!

Finally, here is the answer you’ve been waiting for…

The never-before-seen mind hacking method that not ONLY gives you exclusive access to the insider knowledge of hugely successful people, it also teaches you EXACTLY how to use the most POWERFUL mind hacks to conquer your procrastination FOR GOOD!

And right now you might be wondering… ‘Yes! This sounds so good, I am ready but tell me Steven - what will it cost to possess this incredible power for myself.

Well, ‘The Procrastination Fix’ comes with a professional price-tag of $97 and the feedback from the people who took advantage of this offer said it was worth far more than that, because of the incredible and fast results they experienced…

Heck, I bet you’d think that was bargain to beat procrastination forever...

But today, I’m doing something special for you just for being here.

See, I really want you to grab this opportunity to transform your life today… Just like me, I want you to be able to say goodbye to your procrastination for good… And say hello to the freedom that non procrastinators enjoy… 

Which is why today, you are NOT going to pay $97 for this program…

Not $57…

Not $47…

And because I can feel how much you want this you won’t even pay $37!   If you act right now, and order YOUR copy of this life-changing program…

For you today…

I’ll knock another 20 percent off and give you complete access, for A MASSIVELY discounted price of…

Just $27!

Just click the big button in the order box below, and it’s all yours

But you have to act right now.


Because this method took me years to create… I have done all the hard work and trial and error in order for me to get to where I am today.

And I want to share this method with people who are serious about overcoming their procrastination and want to do it the easy effective way.

So that’s why I’m offering this incredible discount, to people who are committed to changing their lives for the better. But my publishing team has told me that they are only prepared to offer this low price for a very short time…

For that reason, if you try to come back later, and you missed your chance… And you see that the price has doubled or even tripled in that time…

Well, I’m truly sorry about that, but if you don’t act right now, then there’s nothing I can do for you…

So please, don’t let this opportunity slip through your fingers – claim your
discount NOW!

Here’s How To Order:

All you need to do to secure YOUR copy of The Procrastination Fix and gain INSTANT access TODAY is to click on the click the ‘Add to Cart’ button below.

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This could be your ONLY CHANCE to claim your amazing discount…

And I personally guarantee that this will be one of the BEST decisions you ever make in your life…

Which is why, just to show you there’s absolutely NO WAY you can lose with this…

I’m going to back everything up with an unbeatable guarantee…

Rest Assured That Are Completely Covered By My 100% Money Back Guarantee…

So Your Procrastination Fix investment Is 100% Risk-Free!

Certificate of Guarantee

Full 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Try 'The Procrastination Fix'

for yourself for 60 days.

If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied, simply email my customer support team at for a no hassle 100% refund.


Steven Stanley
Creator of “The Procrastination Fix”

Here’s how it works …

Place your order, go through the method, and see for yourself how EASY it is to say goodbye to your procrastination for good…

Take a full 60 days to fully inspect and test out the method…

And if you don’t feel like you got at least ten times the value, then simply send myself an email at, and I’ll give you a FULL refund right away

Right up to the final day of this 60 day guarantee.

It really is that simple.

You don’t have ANYTHING to lose, but so very much to gain…

Yes Steven! I want instant access to Total Money Magnetism right now for just $27!

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Super Bonus #1:
Mindfulness and Inner Peace -
25 Personal Growth Lessons for Tuning in and Living
Your Best Life

First, you get the Mindfulness & Inner Peace bonus book. This is an exclusive guide to the 25
Essential growth lessons for turning in and living the best life possible...

Imagine being able to finally know how to not only solve your procrastination problem but also to live the best life possible...simply...and instantly!

Today, yours FREE!

Super Bonus #2:
15 Instant Motivation Boosters & 10 Procrastination Killers

Secondly, Double Your Energy... finally a handbook that shows you the quickest ways to boost your motivation and kill your procrastination all in one!

You will be presented with 25 important tip and tricks that are guaranteed to work!!  

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So now, it’s time for action …

Because right now, the way I see it is that you have just two options:

And your choice will shape your life from this moment onwards…


Option One is to close this page without joining the program…

And try your best to overcome procrastination on your own...

And hopefully, in five years from now, you won’t be filled with regret about the opportunity you had available to you today…

With a lot of hard work, struggle, and frustration you may have a small chance of doing this

Yet from my experience, it is a longer, tougher road trying to figure it out on your own…

And surely you deserve more than a small chance…

So I strongly suggest you take a look at
Option 2


Just take my hand right now, enroll in the Procrastination Fix system, and let me GIVE you what you need to live beat procrastination once and for all…

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But like always, the choice up to you…

I think you’ve spent enough time struggling...

I think you deserve to know exactly what it feels like to be procrastination free

To live your life on YOUR terms

To experience the freedom to actually enjoy each day with a clear mind…  

I mean… isn’t that something you want?

Don’t you at least want to find out?

Simply click the big button below, enter your payment details and you’ll receive full access to The procrastination fix system

The Procrastination Fix

The Revolutionary 'Mind Hacking' Method To Getting More Things Done (And In LESS Time)


I look forward to getting an email from you soon, telling me about all of the procrastination free success you have experienced with The Procrastination Fix.

Every email I get from my clients means the world to me, so please write to me and tell me your story.

Begin your journey to becoming procrastination free today!

Your friend,

Steven Stanley
Creator of “The Procrastination Fix”

P.S. This course is an electronic download so you can get started right away! No Shipping, No Waiting! And remember, this heavily discounted price of $27 is not going to be around for long, so if you want to get The Procrastination Fix with the two added bonuses, you need to act NOW! Don’t wait another second to start living the procrastination free life you deserve…

P.P.S. You have nothing to lose by ordering The Procrastination Fix, no matter what country you're in. Remember you are backed by my 100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee. If for ANY reason you are not completely satisfied, send me an email within 60 days of your purchase and I will issue you a full refund, immediately!

Yes Steven! I Want To Get My Copy Of The Procrastination Fix
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I also understand that if I hurry, I can order the THE PROCRASTINATION FIX Instant Download for just $27

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